GitHub Integration

Here's how to integrate Featurebase with GitHub Issues.


Written by Bruno from Featurebase

Last updated 3 days ago

The Featurebase ↔ GitHub integration enables you to turn new feedback from Featurebase into actionable GitHub issues and capture ideas for your existing issues.

Key features:

Installing the GitHub integration

To set up the GitHub integration, navigate to your Featurebase DashboardSettingsIntegrationsConnect to GitHub.

From there, you'll be redirected to GitHub, where you can give access to your issues for any selected repositories.

After giving access, GitHub will redirect you back to Featurebase where you can finish the setup flow.

Setting up sync-rules

After the GitHub integration has been installed, it's time to set up sync rules to make sure the Featurebase post statuses stay in sync with the progress of GitHub issues.

Head over again to the Integrations page and click on "Configure GitHub".

From there, you can click on the "New GitHub Rule" button to create your first rule.

Example of a sync rule:

Pushing feedback from Featurebase to GitHub

After you've configured the sync rules, you can easily push any Featurebase posts to GitHub where the engineers can work on them.

This can either be done automatically or manually.

Automatic pushing

You can automatically push all new Featurebase posts to GitHub by turning on "Automatically push new posts to GitHub" from the GitHub integration configuration settings:

Manual pushing

If you don't want to push everything automatically, you can also leave the setting "Disabled" and push the posts manually.

​To manually push a post, open it up and locate the GitHub icon in the top-right corner:

From there, you can either create a brand new GitHub issue about it or link it to an existing one.

Other features

Each post in Featurebase will have a link to all GitHub Issues it has been linked with to make sure you can always hop between them:

The same is also true for GitHub, each synced issue will link to the Featurebase post where the feedback discussion happens:

And that's it! 🎉 If you have any ideas about how we can make the GitHub integration better, please create a post on our feedback board by clicking this.