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Intercom Integration
Intercom Integration

Here's how to integrate Featurebase with your Intercom messenger.

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The Featurebase ↔ Intercom integration enables you to streamline feedback management by directing feedback from live chats to Featurebase's voting boards. This allows for better organization, prioritization, and engagement with your customers.

Key features:

Integrating Intercom with Featurebase

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Integrations

  2. Click on 'Connect to Intercom' and you'll be redirected to Intercom to allow access.

  3. Go to your Intercom dashboard and select 'Messenger & Omnichannel' from the bottom left corner.

  4. In the Messenger settings, click 'Customize Home with apps'

  5. Scroll to the bottom and click 'Add an app'

  6. Select Featurebase.

Key features of the Intercom integration

1. Submit Ideas via Intercom Widget

Let users vote on features, view the latest updates, and send feedback via the embedded Featurebase view in the Intercom widget.

This way you don't have to use a separate Featurebase widget if you're already using Intercom, for example.

Featurebase's intercom integration

2. Save Feedback from Intercom Chat

Easily save customer feedback from the Intercom chat directly to Featurebase's voting boards for better management and prioritization.

3. Subscribe Users to Featurebase Posts

You can conveniently subscribe people who request features to posts that exist in Featurebase to receive updates.

Just search for the request in the Featurebase view and click the vote button. This will add the user as an upvoter for that post.

If a post does not exist, a new one can also be created from the Intercom messenger.

4. Prompt Customers for Feedback

You can send prompts to customers via Intercom Messenger to encourage them to submit feedback and feature requests directly to Featurebase.

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