Zendesk Integration

Here's how to integrate Featurebase with Zendesk Support.


Written by Markus Palm

Last updated 11 days ago

The Featurebase ↔ Zendesk integration enables you to keep track of how many customers request a topic, save requests as actionable tasks and automate follow-ups to always close the feedback loop.

Key features:

Integrating Zendesk with Featurebase

Go to Dashboard → Settings → Integrations

  1. Click on 'Configure Zendesk'

  2. Look up your Zendesk subdomain. Example: yoursubdomain.zendesk.com

  3. Enter your subdomain and click Connect

  4. Give Featurebase permissions to access your Zendesk instance

Key features of the Zendesk integration

1. Submit Ideas from Support Chats

Easily save customer feedback from Zendesk chats directly to Featurebase's voting boards for better management and prioritization.

2. Subscribe Users to Featurebase Posts

You can conveniently subscribe people who request features to posts that exist in Featurebase to receive updates.

Just search for the request in the Featurebase view and click the vote button. This will add the user as an upvoter for that post.

If a post does not exist, a new one can also be created from the Zendesk sidebar.