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Sync posts between Featurebase and Linear.

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Welcome to the Linear integration guide.

I'm going to walk you through all the steps of setting up the integration in just a couple of minutes.

Step 1. Connect your linear account

Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Integrations and click on 'Connect to Linear'.

Next click on Authorize Featurebase from Linear. It should redirect you back to the dashboard after that. If the Linear button says 'Configure Linear', you have successfully connected Featurebase with Linear.

Step 2. Configure Linear

Once connected, click on the Configure Linear button.

There are a couple of important settings to configure.

  1. Select a default team.

  2. Choose what happens when you delete a linked linear issue.

Creating rules

Rules are used for syncing statuses between Featurebase and Linear. This is the most important part of setting up the integration. Syncing between Featurebase and Linear will only work if you set up the rules correctly.

Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Integrations and click on Configure Linear.

Start by clicking on Create Rule in the bottom right.

You will now have to choose a Featurebase status and a Linear status to sync with each other. After selecting both of those, you can also select the sync direction.

The direction can be either:

  • Bidirectional (Recommended)

    • When a status is updated in either Featurebase or Linear, it will simultaneously reflect in the other platform.

  • Featurebase -> Linear

    • When a status is changed in Featurebase, it will also reflect in Linear. On the other hand, a change in status within Linear will not affect Featurebase.

  • Linear -> Featurebase

    • When a status is changed in Linear, it will also reflect in Featurebase. On the other hand, a change in status within Featurebase will not affect Linear.

After selecting the direction, select whether to notify users when you change a status in Linear. If set to Notify, all upvoters will receive an email if you change a status in Linear.

You can automatically push new feedback to Linear by creating a rule between Featurebase's "In Review" and your Linear initial status e.g. "Backlog" or "Triage".

We recommend creating a rule for every Featurebase status you actively use.

Example of a rule:

Push existing Linear issues to Featurebase

With the Linear integration, you can push issues you already have in Linear to Featurebase to start collecting feedback for them.

To get started, simply select the issues you would like to add to Featurebase & attach a "Featurebase" label to them in Linear.

For new organizations, the "Featurebase" label is included by default. For older ones, please create it yourself from your Linear settings.

The only requirement is for it to have the name "Featurebase".

The importing will respect the rules you configured earlier in this tutorial.

This also works when you create a new post in Linear.

Simply include the "Featurebase" label, and it will be pushed to Featurebase:

If you're pushing over 300+ posts to Featurebase, expect there to be some delay for the Linear issues to get a link back to Featurebase, as we have to wait to not get rate-limited by their API.

Push unsynced Featurebase post to Linear

You can send any Featurebase post to linear in just a couple of clicks!

Go to a post you wish to send to Linear and click the Linear logo on the top right and select "Create new issue".

Modify the title/content to your liking and press the Push to Linear button to send it there.

Link existing Linear issues with a Featurebase post

Any existing Linear issue can be linked to a Featurebase post very easily.

Go to the post you wish to link with the Linear issue, click the Linear button in the top right, then select "Link to existing issue".

Search for the Linear issue using the search bar and click Link to Issue.

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