Segment Integration

Featurebase's integration with Segment lets you easily track all the event that your users make on your feedback portal.


Written by Markus Palm

Last updated 8 days ago

1. Create a new Segment account

If you don't have a Segment account yet, then navigate over to Sign up for an account and start by creating a new workspace.

2. Add a new source

2.1. Once the workspace is created, add a source for pulling in data from Featurebase.

2.2 Choose the Javascript website source and click on Create Source.

2.3. Enter your website name as something like "YourCompanyName feedback portal" and add the Website URL as your Featurebase feedback board URL, for example, "".

2.4. Copy the text (Write key) in the analytics.load() function as seen below πŸ‘‡

3. Add the Segment write key to Featurebase

Once you have copied the key, you can go to your Featurebase Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Integrations β†’ Set your API key for Segment β†’ paste the key and click on Save.

βœ… All done! You can now see all the events made on your feedback portal appear under the Debugger.