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Integration for Slack
Integration for Slack

Step-by-step guide for integrating Featurebase with Slack

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What is the integration for Slack?

Our integration for Slack is made up of three parts:

  • The /featurebase command to receive feedback from Slack.

  • Automatically sending new posts to a specific Slack channel.

  • "Send to Featurebase" Shortcut button on every message - send existing messages to Featurebase with ease.

Receive feedback from Slack using the /featurebase command

  • Use the /featurebase command from anywhere in Slack to send feedback straight into Featurebase

Send posts created in Featurebase to a Slack channel

All new posts created in Featurebase will automatically be sent into a Slack channel you choose.

This is a great way to get notified about new posts on your board.

If you have post moderation enabled, you can also approve or reject posts straight from Slack.

"Send to Featurebase" Shortcut button

To send an existing message to Featurebase, you can select the "Send to Featurebase" option from the three dot menu. Then, edit the message as desired, assign it a title, choose a board, and send it directly to Featurebase.

To integrate Featurebase with Slack, please follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up for Featurebase: If you have not already signed up for Featurebase, please visit our website and create an account.

  2. Go to Featurebase Dashboard -> Settings -> Integrations: Once you have logged into your Featurebase account, navigate to the integrations page.

  3. Click on Connect to Slack. This will start the process of connecting Featurebase to Slack.

  4. Sign in to your Slack workspace.

  5. Press Allow to give Featurebase access to your Slack workspace.

  6. You will be redirected back to your dashboard

  7. Now go to Slack and pick a channel Featurebase should post into.

  8. We now need to add the Featurebase bot to that channel. Right click on the channel and click on View channel details.

  9. Go to the Integrations tab

  10. Click Add an App

  11. Search for Featurebase and click Add

  12. Once the bot has been added, go back to your Featurebase Dashboard and click on Configure Slack

  13. Choose the same channel we just added the bot to.

And that's it! Featurebase should be connected with Slack now.

Getting help

If you run into any problems with the integration you can reach out to for assistance 😊

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