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Discord (Bot) Integration
Discord (Bot) Integration

Add our Discord bot to your server. Your Discord users get access to the /feedback command to submit feedback straight from Discord.

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To integrate Featurebase with Discord, please follow the below steps:

  1. Sign up for Featurebase: If you have not already signed up for Featurebase, please visit our website and create an account.

  2. Go to Dashboard: Once you have logged into your Featurebase account, navigate to the dashboard.

  3. Click on Settings and choose Integrations: Click on the Settings button located on the left-hand side of the screen. In the settings menu, select Integrations.

  4. Connect with Discord Bot: Locate the Discord Bot from the list of integrations and click on the "Add bot" button. You will be redirected to Discord to allow access.

  5. Use the /setup Command: Once the bot has been added to your server, use the "/setup" command. Copy the secret key from the dashboard and enter it into the "/setup" command on your Discord server.

Now take advantage of the following possibilities:

With the Discord Bot set up, you and your Discord users will have the following capabilities:

  1. Submit Feedback Directly from Discord: Your Discord users will have access to the "/feedback" command, allowing them to submit feedback directly from Discord.

  2. Admins can send existing Messages to Featurebase: You can also send existing messages sent in Discord channels to Featurebase, making it easy to manage and organize feedback from your Discord community. Simply right-click on a message and choose "Apps" -> "Send to Featurebase".

By adding the Discord Bot to your server, you can streamline the feedback process and gather valuable insights from your Discord community.

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