Custom Fields

Create custom fields for post creation to make sure you always get the necessary information from your users.

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Custom fields enable you to get the necessary extra information from your users.

For example, you could ask for their OS or app version.

They can also be used for collecting feedback for multiple products by requiring users to select the appropriate product.

Custom fields in Featurebase.

There are 5 input options available:

  • Text fields

  • Checkboxes

  • Number fields

  • Multiple option selection

  • Single option selection

You can change the labels & placeholders to fit your needs and choose if a field should be required.

Setting up custom fields

  1. Head over to Settings → Custom fields to create the fields.

  2. After you've created the fields, go to Settings → Feedback board

  3. Edit any of the boards you wish to apply the custom fields to

  4. Choose the desired custom fields for each board.

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