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Tags are used to provide extra information about a specific post.

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Tags are helpful for keeping your feedback sorted by extra factors that you can choose yourself.

By default, Featurebase has the following tags you can give to a post:

  • High Priority

  • Low Priority

We recommend using tags to categorize feedback internally with your team. For instance, you can tag feedback related to specific features of your product.

If you want users to categorize their feedback, use custom fields. For example, you can require them to select their Operating System.

Adding a new tag

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Tags

  2. Click on New Tag in the top right

  3. Enter a name for the tag, like Onboarding funnel

  4. Choose a color for the tag

  5. Click on Add Tag in the bottom right

Tip: You can bulk assign tags to feedback

Edit/Delete tags

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Tags

  2. Click Edit/delete on the desired tag

Let users set tags for their posts

By default, only the organization owner and team members can add tags to posts.

You can allow your users to select tags before making a post by:

  1. Going to Dashboard Settings β†’ Tags

  2. Checking the Public Tags checkbox

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