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Show your users the current state of a post.

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Post statuses are a simple, yet effective way to keep everyone informed about the development of a feature they are interested in.

Here's how it works:

When your team changes the status of a feedback post (e.g. In review β†’ Planned), we send out an email letting upvoters know about the update.

P.S. The same happens automatically if you move a post on your status roadmap.

The default statuses are:

  • In Review (default)

  • Planned (We're planning to work on this)

  • In Progress (We're working on this)

  • Complete (We're done working on this)

  • Rejected (We will not work on this)

But don't worry - you can customize them πŸ‘‡

Adding, editing, and deleting statuses

You can always create new and modify existing statuses from your settings:

  1. Head over to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Statuses

  2. Choose the category of your status and click the + on the right

  3. Choose a name & color for the new status and hit 'Add Status' in the bottom right.

To edit and delete existing statuses, just click the corresponding button next to it.

Hiding statuses

You can hide all statuses or only completed & canceled posts from feedback boards.

To do this, just go to settings and check whichever box you feel like:

Changing a post's status

Changing post statuses in Featurebase.

You can change post statuses from the public board and dashboard:

  1. Open a post and select a different status from the dropdown

  2. You then have the option of notifying users by email about it or not.

If you choose to notify users, you can add a comment as part of the update that will appear both in the email and the post's comments.

Tip 1: You can bulk edit post statuses.

Tip 2: You can change statuses without opening the posts by clicking on the current status behind the post while in the dashboard.

If you've any questions, be sure to reach us in the live chat! πŸ˜‰

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