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We offer several authentication methods to ensure your users can frictionlessly identify themselves for interactions.

Here are the options:

Default: OAuth (Google, Github, Discord)

OAuth is one of the simplest methods for users to log in if you haven't enabled any automatic authentication methods like SSO or SDK.

It allows users to log in using their existing Google, Github, or Discord accounts:

Email / password

As seen from the screenshot above, users can also choose to log in using their email and password to create a new Featurebase account.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

If your users already have an account in your app, you can use Single Sign-On (SSO) to let them log into Featurebase with it.

This way, they don't have to create a new separate account on Featurebase.

Example feedback board with 'Log in with APP NAME' in the top right.

You can also use the SSO feature for private organizations, so users have to authenticate before they are granted access.

Why use SSO?

Here are some of the main reasons you might want to set up SSO:

  • Reduced friction: With SSO, users can access Featurebase faster and more easily, without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords

  • You get a better idea of which users are giving you feedback by including their data

SSO Setup Requirements

  • Your app already has user authentication

  • Your app can create login tokens as described in our documentation below

How do we support SSO?

Featurebase supports SSO in the following ways:

  1. [Feedback Board] Redirecting to your domain and back for authentication.

  2. [Embedded Board] If you have embedded the board in your website, you can authenticate users by including a JWT token in the initialization.

  3. [Widget] - Authenticate users inside the Featurebase widget via a JWT.

Our SSO setup works with JWT tokens. Read more about them here:

Good to know: If SSO is enabled, other authentication methods are automatically disabled.

Featurebase SDK Identify

Use the SDK identify functionality to automatically log in users that visit Featurebase directly from your own app.

However, keep in mind that when users visit the board directly, then the automatic sign-in will not work and it will look like our regular authentication page (as seen from the OAuth section).

Sync Customer Data - It also syncs your user data, so you can see who's giving you feedback and filter by user attributes, such as monthly revenue.

What's the difference between the SDK and SSO authentication?

The SSO option allows you to replace the login button with a link to your app. Then you can handle the authentication from your page and send the user back with the associated data.

With the SDK, the user has to visit the page from your own app, when they visit directly from another device they will not be logged in.

The SSO option is a bit more reliable, as the account will always be the same as it is in your system - no matter where the user visits from.

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