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Choose different privacy options to limit access to your board

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Boards can be public, private, or limited to certain users through user roles.

Learn how to:

Public boards

All boards are public by default and visible to anyone on the internet. They will appear in search results on engines like Google.

Good to know: You can highlight important posts on top of the board by opening the post and clicking the pushpin icon on the top right.

Private boards

A private board is only visible to administrators and helps keep internal feedback away from the public.

Making a board private in Featurebase.

Here's how to make a board private:

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Feedback board

  2. Click edit on the board you wish to make private.

  3. Check the Private board checkbox

  4. Click on Change Board

Limited access boards

You can also restrict boards' access only to certain user roles. This can be done via user roles, available on our Enterprise plan.

Limiting access to boards with user roles in Featurebase.

Allowing a certain role only to access a board:

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Feedback board

  2. Choose the board you wish to allow only specific users to access

  3. Click on the role you just created, such as Paid Users

  4. Click on 'Change Board'

Now only users with that role can view or create posts under the board.

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