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Submit & Vote on Behalf of Your Users
Submit & Vote on Behalf of Your Users

Upvoting on behalf of your users lets you manually link users to specific posts.

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Why is it useful?

This feature lets you manually link users to specific feedback posts as authors or upvoters. Not only does this help you track the number of interested users for the post, but also ensures they're kept informed with relevant notifications.

It acts as if the user has created or upvoted the post themselves.


  1. Feedback from different channels: Let's say a user sends you feedback through email. You can add their feedback to Featurebase and make them the post author. This way, they'll get notified about the updates to their request. You can also add other interested people from different channels as upvoters to that post.

  2. Private feedback board: Maybe you like keeping your feedback board private. You can still track what users want and keep them updated with emails. Simply add these users as voters for the features they're interested in.

Sounds useful, right? So here's how you do it πŸ‘‡

How to add a user as an author:

You can either do it from your dashboard or directly from the live board.

  1. Open the post

  2. Click on the current post author on the right-hand panel

  3. Search for an existing user by their name or create a brand-new one by adding their email (optional) and name

How to add a user as an upvoter:

Open the post you'd like to add the user to.

  1. Click 'View upvoters' on the right-hand panel

  2. Press 'Add new upvoter' and fill in the email and name of the person who showed interest.

  3. Hit the blue check mark, and that's it!

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