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We'll email upvoted users when you comment on a post or anyone replies to theirs!

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Comments are a valuable way to clarify feedback with your users and engage with those who have shown interest. You can even use this function to provide minor updates!

In short - the basics πŸ‘‡

Admin comments - all upvoted users will get an email

User comments - no one will get an email (goes to your Featuerebase inbox to prevent email spam)

Replies - only the person being replied to will get an email

Mentions - only the person being mentioned will get an email

This ensures that upvoted users are not spammed with unnecessary comments but get notified when admins want to clarify something about the idea.

Here's an example of how comment emails work

Let's use this comment section as an example:

After John (admin) has commented on a post, all upvoted users will receive the following email:

However, no one will receive an email about Nathan's comment as he is a regular user. This prevents spam, especially when the post has high engagement and many comments.

Once Mark has replied to John's comment, John will get an email about it. No one else, except the person being replied to will get that email.

Email customizations

If you're enjoying our Premium Plan, you can personalize all notification emails by swapping our logo with yours and having a custom Reply-To address, ensuring these updates perfectly match your brand identity.πŸ‘‡

Things to remember:

  • Access: Only users with access to the specific board will receive email notifications. If a board is private, users without access will not receive any status change notifications for posts on that board.

  • Replying: Replies to emails don't act as post comments. Premium Plan organizations can change the Reply-To address to their own, to get email replies from users (without them being counted as comments). All emails come from

  • Unsubscribing: At the bottom of each email is an option to unsubscribe from this specific type of email or manage all email preferences.

If you've got any questions, reach out to us in live chat! ✌️

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