How do comments & replies work and what function do they serve?

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Comments and replies help you clarify feedback with your users and engage with those that have shown interest. You can even use them to provide minor updates!

There are two types of comments in Featurebase: Public and Private comments.

Public comments

By default, all comments are public and visible to anyone with access to that board. Users can also like & dislike each other's comments.

  • When an admin publicly comments on a post, all voters will be notified of that comment via email.

  • A reply will only email the user being responded to.

Learn more about emails.

Private comments

You can also write private comments that will only be seen by fellow admins. This is perfect for leaving internal notes for your team. (These comments will not trigger an email to anyone.)

Email Notifications

We'll email upvoted users when you comment on a post or anyone replies to theirs!

Admin comments - all upvoted users will get an email

User comments - no one will get an email

All replies - only the person being replied to will get an email

This ensures that upvoted users are not spammed with unnecessary comments but get notified when admins want to clarify something about the idea.

Learn more about comment email notifications. πŸ‘ˆ

Sorting comments

Comments can be sorted by different factors like:

  • Private comments

  • Public comments

  • Top comments

  • New comments

  • Old comments

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