Merging Posts

Merging posts combines duplicate posts into a single post.

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Post-merging can be used to turn 2 similar or duplicate posts into one. It helps declutter your Dashboard and avoid any confusion.

To merge two posts into one:

  1. Open one of the posts

  2. Click on the merge icon in the upper right corner (second icon from right)

  3. Select if you want to:

    1. Merge others to this - merge another post into the one you're currently viewing

    2. Merge to existing - merge the current post into another post you choose

  4. Search for the post you wish to perform the merge with and click on it

You can find the info about merges in the post's Activity feed:

Good to know: You can quickly merge multiple posts into one simultaneously by selecting them on your dashboard and right-clicking.

AI duplicate post-detection

We use AI to suggest potential duplicate ideas during post-creation. This happens in real time and shows users if their post is already created.

If you (admin) open a post, we also show similar ideas there, to ensure you'll know immediately if there's a duplicate.

Good to know: Our search is also powered by AI. This way, we can always show users relevant posts using context, not exact keywords.

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