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Review all new posts before they are made public.

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Post moderation puts every new post in your feedback board under review. Only posts that you approve make it to the public board.

Why use it?

We recommend turning post moderation on if you:

  • Want to control what gets shown to the public

  • Get many low-quality/spam posts

  • Get a lot of duplicate posts

How to enable post moderation?

To enable post moderation:

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Moderation & Permissions

  2. Check the Post Moderation checkbox

Reviewing posts

You can easily & quickly moderate unapproved requests from your Dashboard's moderation inbox:

There are four actions to choose from:

  • Approve (1) - make to post appear on your public board

  • Mark as Duplicate (2) - lets you merge the post with an existing one

  • Delete (3) - deletes the post

  • Discuss privately with Author (4) - makes the post private, so only your author can see it on your board

You can also see similar posts suggestions inside each post with an option to merge them.

Good to know: Speed up your workflow by using keyboard arrows to move up and down the posts and numbers 1-4 to take the desired action.

That's all. Give us a shout in live chat if you've got any questions! πŸ™Œ

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