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Get more insights from users with automated follow-up questions.

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Every time someone upvotes or creates a post on your feedback portal, they will be asked follow-up questions to give you a better understanding of their needs.

Currently, there are 3 types of questions that measure:

  • Usage frequency: How often would you use this?

  • Urgency: When do you need this?

  • Importance: How important is this to you?

For a comprehensive overview of all answers, simply open the relevant post. To view people's answers individually, hover over the question cards.

Good to know: The color of upvotes on your Dashboard changes depending on the importance ratings, giving you a fast overview of the most crucial requests.

Disabling follow-up questions

Follow-up questions can be disabled per board:

  1. Go to Dashboard → Settings → Feedback board

  2. Choose the relevant board and click Edit

  3. Check Disable follow-up questions

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