Let users know about new changes in your product with our Changelog feature.

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What is a Changelog?

Changelog is a useful tool that lets you publish updates to your users, and show them that you are constantly improving.

Good to know: You can integrate our Changelog feature directly into your app using the Changelog Widget.

How it works

Changelog lets you publish updates for your users to see in one place.

Your users can subscribe to your changelog by clicking the 'Subscribe to Changelog' button on the top right of your live changelog.

By doing this, they can stay updated with the latest enhancements via email notifications.

Alternatively, you can automate the subscription process using Featurebase API or SDK.

Creating a changelog

Creating a post

  1. Go to Dashboard β†’ Changelog

  2. Click on 'New Changelog' in the top right

  3. Add a featured image, title, and content

  4. Select relevant categories for the update

Oh, and don't worry about your work getting lost. Our changelog auto-saves the draft for you.

Publishing and scheduling

Once your post is ready, you can choose 'Publish now' from the top right corner for immediate release.

You also have the option to schedule the update.

  • Click 'Schedule for later'.

  • Choose the date and time for the release, and hit the blue 'Schedule' button to confirm.

Backdating posts

Migrating from other tools? You can easily backdate posts by opening the post and selecting the original release date from the upper right-hand corner.

Configuring changelog

Tutorial of adding categories to changelog and hiding it from the public view.

Adding categories

Categories are beneficial for keeping your changelogs organized and user-friendly.

  1. Head to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Changelog

  2. Click on 'New changelog category' in the top right

  3. Enter your new category's name and click 'Add category'

Note: Users with a Premium plan can use user roles to limit the visibility of updates about certain categories.

Hiding changelog

There's also a possibility to hide the changelog from your public board completely.

  1. For that go to Dashboard β†’ Settings β†’ Changelog

  2. Select 'Hide Changelog'

Adding it to your app

1. Add a link

The easiest way to add a changelog is by attaching its link to a button or text on your page. This could be anywhere, from the navbar to the footer.

Just copy the URL of your live changelog and paste it where you'd like it on your page.

2. Changelog widget

The second way is to use our neat changelog widget to show the latest updates straight from your app.

You can see it in action by going to your widget settings and clicking the 'Open your preview' button.

Learn to set it up from here πŸ‘ˆ

Example of Featurebase Changelog Widget.

3. Embed Changelog through IFrame

You can also embed your changelog directly into your app in its original form.

Explore how it feels on our demo page!

Have a look at our quick guide to see how to do it. πŸ‘ˆ

If you've got any questions or need help, feel free to reach out through live chat! ✌️

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