Measure customer satisfaction and collect additional feedback with in-app surveys.

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What are surveys in Featurebase?

Surveys are an intuitive way of measuring customer satisfaction scores and collecting additional feedback.

Surveys in Featurebase.

How it works

Surveys are incredibly useful for measuring different aspects that customer feedback doesn't show you.

With surveys, you can:

  • Measure customer satisfaction with NPS, CSAT, etc

  • Run surveys for different customer groups

  • Collect extra feedback for more context on specific features

  • Subscribe interested users to Featurebase posts

  • And much more

Once you've embedded surveys into your app, they'll automatically pop up in your web app so users can answer them without visiting another site.
Each survey type also has a dedicated statistics page to help you visualize results. You can easily view the author's info to help you understand who's behind it.

Different survey types in Featurebase

Currently, we offer 7 survey types:

  • Featurebase Idea Poll: Ask users which of your chosen features they would like to see next to prioritize between ideas.

  • Open Question: Gather open-ended thoughts with a free-form text box.

  • Product Market Fit: Get an understanding of

  • User Interview Request: Invite users to an interview or a demo session with you.

  • NPS Score: Simple and quick way to measure customer loyalty.

  • CSAT Survey: Measure immediate service satisfaction after an interaction or purchase.

  • Customer Effort Score: Measure the ease of use of your product or a specific process like a checkout.

All of the survey types are fully customizable, and everything adapts to your own colors. 🎨

Setting up surveys

To set up surveys, simply follow the step-by-step guide of our Developer Docs.

If needed, you can send the link to the Developer Docs to your technical team member.

Creating surveys

  1. Go to the Surveys Module on your Dashboard

  2. Choose the survey type you wish

  3. Make your customizations and click save on the top right

If you've got any questions or need help, feel free to reach out through live chat! ✌️

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