Using SSO with Featurebase

Sync your existing user accounts with Featurebase to offer a seamless experience

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SSO (Single Sign On) is a way for you to authenticate your users without them having to create an account on Featurebase.

Why use SSO?

Here are some of the main reasons you might want to set up SSO:

  • Reduced friction: With SSO, users can access Featurebase faster and more easily, without having to remember multiple usernames and passwords

  • You get a better idea of which users are giving you feedback

SSO Setup Requirements

  • Your app already has user authentication

  • Your app can issue SSO tokens

How do we support SSO?

Featurebase supports SSO in the following ways:

  1. [Feedback Board] Redirecting to your domain and back for authentication.

  2. [Embedded Board] If you have embedded the board in your website, you can authenticate users via JWT.

  3. [Widget] - Authenticate users inside the Featurebase widget via a JWT.

Our SSO setup works with JWT tokens. Read more about them here:

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